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NY agriculture dept. promotes local, farm-fresh Christmas trees

Local and state officials are promoting farm-fresh Christmas trees this holiday season. It’s an $8 million industry in New York State and the trees are also good for the environment.

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Tom Magnarelli / WRVO Public Media

President Donald Trump this week is expected to sign the 2018 Farm Bill that passed Congress last week. The bill includes some relief for struggling dairy farmers.

Milk prices have been low for four years now. Rep. Tom Reed (R-Corning) said the farm bill makes changes to a margin insurance program and lowers premiums for smaller dairy farms to protect their revenue.

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A government reform group has filed a lawsuit to stop a pay raise granted to state lawmakers by a compensation commission.

The conservative-leaning Government Justice Center said the salary increase is unconstitutional because it also "radically" changes the rules surrounding serving in the state Legislature. The group filed papers in State Supreme Court in Albany on Friday morning.

There's yet more disturbing news about kids vaping nicotine.

Vaping jumped dramatically again among high school students between 2017 and 2018.

In fact, it was the biggest one-year spike of any kind in the 44 years the Monitoring the Future survey has been tracking substance abuse by young people.

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Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán, a darling of Europe's far-right, has tightened his grip on power in ways that have shocked the European Union.

His ultranationalist Fidesz party has gamed the electoral system, shut down most independent media, forced out an American university and even created new administrative courts that will be directly controlled by the government.

Amid a sea of dire climate change news, researchers say they've found a rare bright spot.

A meadow of seagrass among Australia's Great Barrier Reef — estimated to be twice the size of New Jersey — is soaking up and storing carbon that would otherwise contribute to global warming.

New Job Hope For Adults In Drug And Alcohol Recovery

10 hours ago

For most of his life when he was in between jobs, Tim Tulvey would toss his resume up on a hiring site like He had decades of management experience working for landscaping companies, and even owned his own pest control business for a while.

"I was getting hits left and right," Tulvey said, recalling previous times he'd posted. "I mean, there was companies reaching out to me a lot."

But this time was different. This time, he had been through rehab, and picked up an assault charge. He didn't get any bites.

Ukraine elected the head of a newly unified Orthodox Church this weekend, a move that the nation's president hailed as an important safeguard against future Russian aggression.

The church aims for independence from the Russian Orthodox Church, and Saturday's election is just one step in a process that could take decades.

Nearly 200 bishops, priests and other church officials elected 39-year-old Metropolitan Epiphanius on Saturday as the Ukrainian church's head.

It's Christmas and Kellyanne Conway spots Donald Trump at a party.

Cambodia Nabs More Than 3 Tons Of Illegal Ivory

18 hours ago

The tusks were hidden among marble in an abandoned shipping container in Cambodia's Phnom Penh port. Sent from Mozambique, these yellowing prizes arrived last year, AFP reports. The owner of the shipment never arrived to pick up the cargo, and a tip from the U.S. embassy alerted Cambodian authorities to the haul.

Longtime Alaska fisherman Bill Harrington has a few choices words about killer whales.

"As far as I'm concerned, they're only thieves in tuxedos," Harrington says.

He's retired now, but a video from a decade ago shows him pulling in his line as he curses out a pod of killer whales swarming his boat. His catch is exposed; he is not happy. A sperm whale bursts out of the water and Harrington tells them what he really thinks. He knows even just a couple of killer whales could pick his line clean.