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Onondaga County is among counties in New York State gearing up for major changes as the Raise the Age legislation goes into effect next month.

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It is a David and Goliath battle according to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon, in regards to her primary race against Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sept. 13. But Nixon said she would not be running if she could not win.

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Single-payer health care for New York has become an issue in the race for governor. Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon say if she’s elected, she’d enact single-payer for New York. Not all of her opponents think that’s a good idea.

Nixon wants New York to adopt a health care system that would bypass insurance companies and expand existing government-funded health care for seniors to all New Yorkers. She spoke to supporters recently in Albany.

"We can have a New York with a single-payer Medicare-for-all system," Nixon said as the crowd applauded.

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Across the country, Democratic Party primaries have generated a lot of attention, enthusiasm and some surprising results. Primaries in New York have figured in this trend. This week, host Grant Reeher moderates a debate between the two candidates vying for the Democratic nomination in central New York's 53rd state Senate district, incumbent Sen. Dave Valesky and challenger Rachel May. 

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A shout-out from President Trump has given a boost to a long-shot hopeful in the New York Senate race.

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Central New York anti-war protesters are taking aim at a defense contractor with offices in the town of Salina.

The suburban Lockheed Martin facility is the focus of these protesters carrying signs accusing the company of having blood on its hands. Ariel Gold of Ithaca said a recent Saudi bombing using U.S. made weapons has prompted this gathering.

"They profit from such things as this recent massacre of 40 children on a school bus in Yemen and it was  Lockheed Martin weapons," Gold said. "We’re here to say no more.”

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Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) is remembering the late Sen. John McCain who died Saturday. Schumer has also been pressing to rename a Senate office building in McCain’s honor.

Schumer said McCain was a great man, a patriot and always willing to reach across the aisle.

"He would figure out what was right, and then figure out the politics after that," Schumer said. "Most politicians figure out the politics first and then decide whether they can afford to do what's right."

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HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (AP) — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and former “Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon swapped insults and clashed over policy Wednesday in their only scheduled debate before the Sept. 13 Democratic primary.

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The Oswego Common Council passed its first tax cut in 20 years last night. The 2019 budget reduces property taxes by 2.4 percent without dipping into the city’s fund balance.

Council President Robert Corradino said it is the result of fiscal responsibility on the part of the council and Mayor Billy Barlow. But he said an increase in sales tax revenue from new businesses and more visitors to Oswego is also playing a part.

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Solar energy advocates are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to change the way the state determines compensation for solar projects.

The problems began about a year ago, when the Public Service Commission replaced net metering with a policy called the Value of Distributed Energy Resources, or VDER for short. Chris Carrick, the Energy Program Manager at the Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board said the new policy ultimately reduces the worth of solar power.


The end of August used to be considered a slow season in politics, but television ads released by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his Republican challenger, Marc Molinaro, are getting heated.

Molinaro said Cuomo insulted his pregnant wife, while the governor’s campaign tried to bar the GOP candidate’s spot on state corruption from airing on television stations.

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The Democratic candidates for governor — incumbent Andrew Cuomo and challenger Cynthia Nixon — have different views on spending money on the state’s schools.

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Sen. Charles Schumer is calling for changes from the Federal Railroad Administration, after an elevated railroad’s sidewall collapsed in Syracuse last month. Schumer wants the FRA to hire more inspectors and change its policy on releasing inspection reports.

Schumer said even though no one was hurt, the sidewall collapse raises serious concerns regarding the safety of rail bridges.

“The number of collapses is going to increase as the bridges get older and the inspections get less frequent,” Schumer said.

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Onondaga County lawmakers are considering a local law that would ban “aggressive soliciting” from panhandlers on the streets and sidewalks of central New York. 

Legislature Chairman Ryan McMahon has been circling around this issue since he was a common councilor in the city of Syracuse more than a decade ago. He said the idea is to focus not simply on any panhandler, panhandling is protected by the First Amendment, but what he calls aggressive actions.

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Schools across central New York are considering some of the safety initiatives proposed by the Onondaga School Safety Task Force. One is a simple training technique that could have saved lives in the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

A program called “Stop the Bleed” is one of the recommendations in the task force report. Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said including it was a no brainer after considering one fact.

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Republican gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro is on the road this week as his race against Gov. Andrew Cuomo picks up steam. Moliaro and his family are crossing the state looking for votes in an RV, and one of the first stops for the family of five on Sunday was the New York State Fair. 

Molinaro said this kind of trip allows him to meet all kinds of New Yorkers, and that he's hearing many of the same things

"You go anywhere in the state of New York, and people usually have two things to say. 'Lower my taxes and end corruption'," said Molinaro.

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On a listening tour through central New York this weekend, Rep. John Katko (R-Camillus) says he heard from his constituents about a range of local issues, and about the drama unfolding in Washington. 

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As central New York politicians met with Gov. Cuomo and his staff this week for the opening day of the New York State Fair, the topic of a major project that looms over central New York kept coming up.  

It’s one of the biggest public works projects to take place in central New York in a generation. How to deal with an aging section of Interstate 81 in downtown Syracuse that ferries thousands of vehicles through upstate New York every day. 

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There are three weeks until primary day in New York, and the Democratic underdog for governor, Cynthia Nixon, is laying out her plans for the final stretch of campaigning, saying there is a potential path to victory.

Nixon is trailing incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo by 30 points in the polls. But she said there is a path to victory, and recent contests — including the June upset win of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over incumbent Congressman Joe Crowley in a Democratic primary — have shown the polls aren’t always accurate.

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Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-New Hartford) hosted U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in Cortland to hear the concerns of dairy farmers in the region. Dairy farmers told Perdue about the dire situation the industry is facing.

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New York will soon have the only nationwide commission that investigates prosecutorial misconduct.   

Syracuse-area state Senator John DeFrancisco wrote the legislation, which was signed by Gov. Cuomo this week. It creates an 11-member commission that can look into claims of misconduct by prosecutors. 

DeFrancisco likens it to a commission created 40 years ago that did the same thing with judges.

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo continued to rail against President Donald Trump on Wednesday. But some of his political opponents say the governor needs to talk more about issues related to New York state.

At an appearance at the State Fair, Cuomo commented on the felony conviction of Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, in federal court in Virginia and the guilty plea from Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, where Cohen implicated the president in a crime.

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As the New York State Fair gets underway, immigration rights advocates are calling attention to the need for undocumented farm workers to be able to drive. Undocumented workers are currently barred from obtaining a driver’s license. 

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to unveil the new $62 million Expo Center when the New York State Fair begins it’s 13-day run Wednesday morning. It's part of a major revitalization of the west end of the Syracuse-area fairgrounds.

While the Expo Center may be the biggest, brightest draw to an underutilized part of the fairgrounds, the Fair has spent $10,000 to get fairgoers visitors to that part of the property using another gambit.   They’ve rented a ride called the Observation Tower that will be free to fairgoers.

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Syracuse Common Councilor Chad Ryan has been absent from the council for four months because of what's described as a medical issue. Ryan was recently removed as the chair of the council’s public works committee.

On Monday, the council approved the purchase of 17,000 street lights from National Grid for $38 million. The agenda item was on behalf of the Department of Public Works. Council President Helen Hudson said she needed council oversight of it and with Ryan gone she asked Councilor-at-Large Michael Greene to handle it.

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A Bennington College survey of residents in the PFOA-contaminated village of Hoosick Falls in eastern New York finds higher rates of illnesses among residents exposed to the toxic substance than did a previous study conducted by the New York State Health Department.

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The city of Syracuse has released the results of the community’s input on what criteria they want from the next chief of police. Residents said they want the next chief to bring more transparency and public engagement.

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A new treatment available in Syracuse for a certain kind of breast cancer can eliminate weeks of radiation therapy. 

This new treatment, called intraoperative radiation therapy, essentially combines radiation therapy with surgery. Upstate Cancer Center breast surgeon Dr. Lisa Lai said after a tumor is removed, a balloon is installed in the spot left by the tumor. Then, a radiologist delivers a big dose of radiation therapy in that spot.

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During the summer months, the Boys & Girls Club in Syracuse serves hundreds of free meals to kids who lose access to free and reduced meals at school. Rep. John Katko (R-Camillus) is pushing legislation to expand summer food service programs.

Seven-year-old Memah plays with her friends at the Boys & Girls Club in Syracuse.

“You learn a lot, there’s a lot of food and you can play a lot,” Memah said.

She eats twice a day at the Boy & Girls Club. She likes pancakes for breakfast and hamburgers for lunch. Katko helped serve lunch to the kids.

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The city of Syracuse is entering into a three-year agreement with a dog licensing system. The goal is to raise the city’s participation rate in the state mandated dog license program.

Syracuse has only a seven percent participation rate, slightly lower than the national average. DocuPet, a Canadian corporation based in Kingston, Ontario, helps municipalities improve the experience and participation in the dog licensing program. CEO Grant Goodwin said it is important to license pets so they can be identified.