Near-record rainfall in central and northern New York in May

Jun 7, 2017

Credit WXXI News File Photo

It's another wet week in much of central and northern New York, offering no relief to those experiencing flooding along Lake Ontario and in the area.

The National Weather Service says rainfall in the region is several inches above average this year, for the month of May especially. Last month was the second-wettest May on record for the Watertown area and the third-wettest in the Syracuse area.

But National Weather Service meteorologist Steve Welch says that's not the main cause of the flooding many communities in the region are experiencing.

"It's contributing some, but it's very - it's not nearly as much contribution as upstream and the upper Great Lakes," Welch said. "All of those basins added together with the rainfall throughout those basins, along with snow melt, during the springtime is causing high water levels in Lake Ontario."

According to the National Weather Service, there might be some drier weather around the corner in central and northern New York. Forecasts say the weather will clear up later this week and precipitation is likely going to stay slightly below normal levels next week.

"In general, it looks like we are in a drying-out trend," National Weather Service Meteorologist Joanne LaBouncy said. "Going into the weekend, it looks more summer-like and drier."

Beyond then, the Climate Prediction Center forecasts that rainfall should be around normal levels over the next few months.