An NPR series: American Anthem

Jul 9, 2018

Anthems can fuel patriotism, unite fans at baseball games, rally the troops or animate political movements.

For the next year, we'll unpack the elements of an anthem and ask what a song says about our diverse American communities as well as our collective soul.

"American Anthem," a series from NPR, will tell the stories of 50 different songs -- challenging the way anthems are identified and how songs are transformed by listeners. Expect to hear these stories on Morning Edition and All Things Considered on a nearly weekly basis. If you have a suggestion for the series, you canĀ submit your American anthem and your thoughts on NPR's website.

Listen to all of NPR's "American Anthem" stories via their curated list.

A running playlist of the anthems (songs only) will continue to be updated on NPR Music's "American Anthem" Spotify playlist, so you can listen to them anytime.