NY's secretary of state addresses immigration policy at "Capital for a Day"

Jul 10, 2015

Rochester became the “Capital for a Day” on Thursday.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his cabinet visited the city to learn more about that part of western New York. New York's Secretary of State Cesar Perales sat on a panel that heard from people who work with the area’s immigrant and refugee communities.

The secretary of state says even though the legislature hasn’t passed the Dream Act — legislation that would assist children whose parents are in the country illegally go to college — the governor is committed to the proposed legislation.

While Perales says it’s up to the federal government to improve immigration policy. The governor has shown his support for DACA and DAPA programs that would defer deportation for migrant who qualify.

"I think the governor has made it very clear that he supports the president’s actions in trying to allow people who have entered the country illegally to stay if they’ve been here for many, many years, if they have never committed a crime, if they have close family relatives here," Perales said.

Representatives from assistance programs in attendance talked about a greater need for micro-lending programs, technical training, and support for refugees who settle in rural areas.