Sillicon Valley company to set up shop in empty DeWitt building

Dec 22, 2017

NexGen, a Silicon Valley start up, will get an extra $15 million from New York as it replaces SORAA, the company that will inhabit a $90-million facility built by the state in DeWitt.

NexGen deals in semiconductors and power electronics according to Randy Wolken, incoming co-chair of the Central New York Regional Economic Development Council.

“It’s actually a great technology and meshes well with our other technology in the region," Wolken said. "And they really want to make the investment. Whenever someone will bring high tech jobs to our community, and commit to 290 of them, I think that's the beginning of an opportunity.”

Credit SUNY Polytechnic Institute

SORAA, a light bulb manufacturer, pulled out of the deal with New York state a few months ago after the state spent $90 million building the facility. The State’s Economic Development Council has also agreed to given NexGen another $15 million to retrofit the 82,000 square foot facility to its needs.

One lawmaker who is skeptical about the NexGen deal is Syracuse State Sen. John DeFransisco. He says there should have been a chance for questions about the deal, before it was voted on. DeFransisco asked the EDC to delay yesterday’s vote, but it didn’t.