TTY Schedules

Dates and times when episodes of old time radio shows will air on "Tuned to Yesterday" are indicated in the schedule(s) posted below. You can also download a .pdf version below the posted schedule.

Tuned to Yesterday airs seven days a week. Enjoy old time radio on our main signal from 10 p.m. until midnight. You can also hear Tuned to Yesterday on our second stream, called PRX Remix. The second stream is available online and with the free WRVO app.

Special announcement: We're presenting old time radio fans with a new way to connect with their favorite public radio program. The "Tuned to Yesterday Dialer" podcast is here to enhance your listening to Tuned to Yesterday during the week. You'll hear about what's coming up on the air and stories of the shows and performers who brought the radio to life during its golden age.

Best listened to on Sundays, the TTY Dialer features a living schedule and date specific stories and commentary about radio's yesteryear from Tuned to Yesterday host Mark Lavonier. Be sure to tune in to this and other Tuned to Yesterday podcasts!

Tuned to Yesterday Schedule November 2018 on Scribd