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Early voting hours in Onondaga County extended to meet demand

Onondaga County election officials are taking action to try to ease the crush of early voters who have been heading to the polls in droves the last four days. Like many other locations in New York state, central New York voters are choosing to cast their ballot early this presidential election year, and it’s created long lines and waits. Onondaga County Democratic Elections Commissioner Dustin Czarny says the county will expand the hours at its six election sites this weekend in order to move...

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At one of the most divided times in American history, StoryCorps and NPR Member stations around the country are inviting people to take "One Small Step" to better understand those with whom they disagree.

A member of Congress, who has led efforts to investigate alleged coronavirus scams, is calling for the federal government to crack down on an unproven treatment for COVID-19. Widespread sales of that purported treatment - a drug known as thymosin alpha-1 - were first identified by an NPR investigation earlier this month.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, joined the nearly 75 million voters who have cast their ballots early.

The former vice president voted at the Carvel State Office Building in his hometown of Wilmington, Del., after delivering remarks about protecting the Affordable Care Act.

After voting, Biden spoke to reporters about his plans on health care, saying he thinks he'll be able to work with Republicans.

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The U.S. Gulf Coast is preparing for yet more calamitous weather, as Hurricane Zeta is expected to make landfall over southeastern Louisiana sometime Wednesday afternoon. The governors of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi have each declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm.

The CEOs of some of the biggest tech platforms defended the way they handle online speech to an audience of skeptical senators, many of whom seemed more interested in scoring political points than engaging with thorny debate over content moderation policies and algorithms.

A Michigan judge has blocked a ban on openly carrying firearms at Michigan polling places on Election Day.

Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray granted a preliminary injunction to pro-gun groups who filed motions to block the directive issued by Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson on Oct. 16.

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Stocks fell sharply on Wednesday as a spike in coronavirus cases in the United States and Europe is raising the prospect of further lockdowns that could hurt the global economy.

As of mid-afternoon, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 823 points, a decline of 3%, and is in negative territory for the month. The S&P 500 fell 2.9%, its third consecutive decline, and is down over 7% from its record high in early September.

Reymundo Torres is an Arizonan, a devout Roman Catholic, ethnically Mexican and a staunch supporter of the president.

"The thing that initially attracted me and keeps me tied to him is that he has taught Republicans how to not just win, but no longer throw our faces and bodies in front of every punch that the left is willing to throw," Torres said.

Everyone in the U.S. is facing a new barrier to voting this year: COVID-19. But if you have a disability, 2020 probably isn't the first year you've faced one obstacle or another while casting your ballot.

A trio of Silicon Valley's biggest names will be in the hot seat on Wednesday for a U.S. Senate hearing focused on a decades-old legal shield that is newly under fire.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter's Jack Dorsey and Google's Sundar Pichai are appearing virtually at 10 a.m. ET in front of the Republican-controlled Senate Commerce Committee to answer questions under oath about whether being insulated from lawsuits has enabled Big Tech's "bad behavior."

The Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series in Game 6 Tuesday night, defeating the Tampa Bay Rays 3-1.