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Top Stories: Bombing In Somalia; Mortgage Crisis; Bear Market

Good morning.

Our headlines so far today:

-- Scores Killed By Truck Bomb In Somalia

-- Inspector General: Fannie Mae Was Told About Foreclosure Abuse In 2003.

-- Ford, UAW Reach Tentative Contract Deal

-- Nobel Prize In Physics Honors Work On Expanding Universe

-- As Amanda Knox Heads Home, Murdered Girl's Family Seeks Answers

Other stories making headlines this morning include:

-- "S&P 500 Below 1,000 Puts Bear Market In View." (Bloomberg News)

-- "Accused Underwear Bomber Arrives In Court In T-shirt, Judge Orders Him To Change." (Detroit Free Press)

-- "It's Apple Announcement Day, And We're Watching." (Monkey See)

-- "Wall Street Protests Stretch On, Reasons Vary." (All Things Considered)

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