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It was 10 years ago this month when Hurricane Katrina roared ashore on the Gulf Coast, wiping out miles of the Mississippi coast and leading to levee breeches that submerged 80 percent of New Orleans for weeks.NPR News and member stations will examine Katrina's legacy in south Louisiana, coastal Mississippi, and cities like Houston (which absorbed large numbers of evacuees in the months and years after the storm). We'll hear how the region and residents are doing today.

In New Orleans, A Plan To Disperse The Poor Doesn't Go As Expected

Many of the families that were forced out of public housing by Hurricane Katrina now use government vouchers to subsidize their rents elsewhere. That shift was supposed to help de-concentrate poverty in the New Orleans area, but it hasn't worked as planned.

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Pam Fessler is a correspondent on NPR's National Desk, where she covers poverty, philanthropy, and voting issues.