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Our future on Twitter


We're sharing some important updates about NPR's presence on Twitter.

NPR will no longer actively maintain its flagship Twitter (@NPR) or any other official NPR accounts, and we are officially deemphasizing Twitter across the organization.

We have made this decision after Twitter refused repeated requests to remove an inaccurate label designating NPR as "state-affiliated media." The label has since been changed to "Government-Funded Media," which does not accurately capture our public media governance structure and still sends Twitter users to an explanation that implies "government involvement over editorial content." We believe this label is intended to call in question our editorial independence and undermine our credibility. If we continued tweeting, every post would carry that misleading label.

NPR's content will remain available on other platforms where we can engage with our audiences and communities. This includes here at NPR.org, the NPR app for on-demand listening, our robust newsletter portfolio, liveblogs and push notifications.

We will continue to maintain a presence on other social platforms, and are currently reviewing whether to expand to include other emerging third-party platforms.

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Matt Adams
Matt Adams is an Audience Engagement Strategist at NPR, where he is always thinking of how a broadcast company can do more on the internet. His focus is on social media strategy and how to connect NPR with new audiences in creative ways, from community building to social audio.
Roshan Fernandez
Danielle Nett
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott is an editor on NPR's audience engagement team, where he manages the network's flagship Twitter and Facebook accounts, push notifications and digital news presentation. He received a bachelor's degree in history and English from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
Pablo Valdivia
Pablo Valdivia is an Audience Editor at NPR who is focused on elevating and telling Latino stories across digital, radio and podcast. He also develops strategies to help call in the community across the network and works to ensure that Latino voices get the visibility they deserve.