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Sharks often get a bad rap, but oceans need them

A blue shark captured from below off the coast of New Zealand.
Cultura RM Exclusive/Richard Robinson
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A blue shark captured from below off the coast of New Zealand.

It's that time of the year again: Shark Week. The TV program is so long-running that if you're under 37, you've never known a life without it. In honor of this oft misunderstood critter, we revisit our conversation with shark scientist Melissa Christina Marquez. She explains just how important sharks are to keeping the oceans healthy, including their role in mitigating climate change. Plus, there may be some talk about shark poop.

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The encore of this episode was produced and fact-checked by Hannah Chinn. It was edited by Rebecca Ramirez. The original version of this episode was produced by Brit Hanson, fact-checked by Ariela Zebede and edited by Viet Le. Josephine Nyounai provided engineering support.

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Regina G. Barber
Regina G. Barber is Short Wave's Scientist in Residence. She contributes original reporting on STEM and guest hosts the show.
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