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As Feds rethink saturated fats, dairy farmers could get a big boost

Ellen Abbott
WRVO file photo


For years, the government has warned that saturated fat found in whole milk leads to increased risk for heart disease. But now, it’s taking a second look at the research, saying saturated fats might not be so bad for you.

New federal dietary guidelines could be a big boost for dairy farmers.

David Schon used to be a dairy farmer in Cortland County. He says a federal stamp of approval on whole milk could mean more money for dairy farmers.

“It’s better than than a dollar more a gallon for whole milk than it is for skim milk," said Schon. "A couple cents in the story really raises the price on the farm a lot.”

Schon says whole milk is a big part of what dictates dairy prices. If people want more of it, then dairy farmers will get paid more. Right now, demand is higher for butter and low fat milk, but those are much less expensive.

The new dietary guidelines are expected out soon.