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"Amended," a podcast series produced by Humanities New York and hosted by Laura Free, travels from the 1800s through the present day to highlight the diverse and complex stories behind the quest for women’s suffrage. Amended in Action,” a collaboration between Humanities New York and WRVO Public Media, was created to compliment the podcast series, “Amended.” Host Michael Riecke introduces listeners to efforts underway in central New York and the Finger Lakes that challenge injustice, illuminate truth, and raise women’s voices.

'Amended' & 'Amended in Action' Episode 2

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Amended, Episode 2: Any Woman

The right to vote was only one of many demands that women made prior to the Civil War. Zooming in on another priority, the right to bodily autonomy, changes our understanding of who was at the forefront of the struggle for women’s rights.
Host Laura Free, a historian of women and politics, travels to Baltimore, Maryland, to spend a day with legal historian Martha S. Jones. They visit the Homewood Museum, a 19th-century mansion once owned by a family of enslavers, to grapple with its legacy of slavery and sexual violence through the story of one enslaved resident, Charity Castle. Then Martha tells the stories of Celia (whose last name is unknown) and Harriet Jacobs, two other enslaved women who courageously fought for control of their own bodies within legal systems that denied them that right. Although few today know their names, Martha makes the case that all three women were part of the “vanguard” of women’s rights activism.

Amended in Action, Episode 2: Meet Amended’s Creative Team

Credit Reva Goldberg
Producer Reva Goldberg and host Laura Free

What happens if you pair a history professor with an audio producer? You may end up with a fascinating and revealing podcast like "Amended." In this episode of "Amended In Action," host Michael Riecke introduces listeners to the creative team behind "Amended" -- host Laura Free and producer Reva Goldberg. They’ll share how an idea sprouted into a creative partnership.

Amended in Action, Episode 2
Amended in Action, Episode 2