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As snow removal service contracts struggle, one app offers more flexibility

Plowz & Mowz website.
The Plowz & Mowz app.

With the recent warmer winter weather and lack of snow in upstate New York this year as compared to last year, you would think a company that provides plowing services would be hurting. But one Syracuse-based company is seeing an increase in demand. Plowz & Mowz is an app that delivers on-demand plowing and mowing services by connecting contractors with customers.

Dan Lopez, the director of partnerships, said traditional plowing contractors usually require a customer to sign a seasonal contract for a certain number of times the company will come plow. He said many customers took a gamble this year and did not order a normal contract.

“Their contracts have been pushed out one entire month, so that’s an entire month of income that they didn’t make,” Lopez said.

But Lopez said he’s seeing increased demand from snow plow providers hoping to make extra money through Plowz & Mowz.

"A lot of these providers who aren't able to work are looking outside the box to create some sort of other income," Lopez said. "So right now, they're going, 'how am I going to recoup some of that downtime in central New York?' If the snowstorm comes and I can help you and your business or your family make an additional $1,000 in two days, that's significant."

In some cases, the snow plowers are getting former customers back because the app requires no contract.

“They only need it a couple of times a year," Lopez said. "Especially for snowbirds, its great if you snowbird to Florida and you want someone to take care of your property when you’re away and not pay those contract fees.”

With snow coming back into the forecast, more consumer demand is expected as well.