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Do you listen to WRVO using your local cable TV system? Additional financial support is available to radio stations that are retransmitted by local cable providers. In order for WRVO to receive our share, we need to know if you have listened to WRVO through your cable system (via television only). We need the information sent to us by Friday, July 19, 2024.

Mail your information to: WRVO, 7060 State Route 104, Oswego, NY 13126, or email to feedback@wrvo.org

Let us know by including the following in your mail or email:

  1. Your name, address, and zip code.
  2. The name of the television cable system and channel (excluding listening on your computer).
  3. The approximate period of time you listen to WRVO (e.g. hours per day or per week).
  4. How much you value WRVO programming on your cable system.

Examples of how to submit your information to WRVO:

  • "George & Martha Washington, 1 Cherry Street, Syracuse NY 13211. Spectrum, Channel 16. We've been listening since the mid-2000s and love your NPR programming!"
  • "Vivian Smith, Listener Avenue, Watertown, NY 13601. I listen on cable from 9 pm to midnight every weekday and sporadically throughout the weekend. I've been a fan of WRVO since I moved to Watertown in 2012."
  • "John & Linda Doe, 123 Main Street, Oswego NY 13126.  We listen to WRVO on Spectrum, approximately eight hours per week via channel 16. We listen each morning to Morning Edition and in the afternoons to Fresh Air and All Things Considered. I work from home and am glad to have WRVO broadcast via our local cable system. There is no other station that carries the programs that you do!  Thanks!"

NOTE: Unfortunately, listening via the Internet (on your computer or the app) does not count towards the cable royalty; but listening via cable television does. If you listen to WRVO on your television, we need to know what channel and how long you listen. For example, in Oswego, Spectrum Cable often retransmits WRVO on TV Channel 16 on the Public Access channel. That would count towards the cable royalty claim.

In recent years, these numbers have decreased in our coverage area, so this service may not be available on your cable system.

Please send your information to WRVO no later than Friday, July 19, 2024, to feedback@wrvo.org and thank you for listening!

More Information

The signals of many NPR stations are carried by one or more cable systems whose subscribers pay, either directly or indirectly, for the privilege of receiving that signal by cable.  Cable system operators, in turn, pay into a royalty pool for the privilege of retransmitting broadcast programming they make available to their subscribers.  The Copyright Royalty Board distributes these royalties among the various claimants.  Copyright holders of programming retransmitted into distant markets are potential claimants and may be entitled to share in this distribution.  NPR first established public radio’s entitlement to an award in the 1979 CRT proceeding. NPR participates as a claimant on behalf of itself for its own programs, and on behalf of NPR stations that have authorized NPR to represent them.  NPR shares the award it receives for each proceeding with eligible stations that authorize NPR to represent them for that particular proceeding.

Public radio claims for royalty fees in no way discourage cable retransmission of public radio signals.  Cable systems must pay a flat fee into this royalty pool, and these payments are not affected by the amount and nature of the parties who claim royalties from the pool.  Consequently, a cable system retransmitting your station’s signal faces no greater liability if you claim a share of the pool.

So far, NPR and participating stations have received and shared awards for all proceedings since the first proceeding in 1979.