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Be respectful when commenting. WRVO reserves the right to delete comments with inappropriate language or themes, as this is a public space. We do not condone racism, sexism or homophobia. This is a place for all to share their opinions and ask questions.

WRVO uses the Disqus platform for comments, which you'll see below each news story. You can either register and create a basic profile for commenting, or comment as a one-time user.

Here's what we would prefer to see in comments:

  • Smart, informed ideas that contribute to the story
  • Constructive, respectful criticism, including alerts to potential errors or typographical mistakes
  • Shared relevant wisdom and anecdotes
  • Ongoing dialogue that furthers understanding
  • The ability to take a critical look at your own point-of-view

Please refrain from:

  • Using inappropriate language (even if it is abbreviated)
  • Promoting your own brand, product or blog -- especially if it is not relevant
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  • Flagging a comment simply because you disagree with it

Additionally, Disqus puts restrictions on:

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These guidelines apply to all comments on the WRVO website and related social channels. They are subject to change.