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State AG says Buffalo snowstorm evidence of needed action on climate change


The New  York state attorney general says the Buffalo lake effect snowstorms are more evidence that climate change is happening, and that New York and the nation need to work harder to combat the causes of global warming.

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says this week in western New York is another example of weather patterns that are changing, and won’t go back to normal by themselves.

“You can’t connect one specific storm to climate change, but the pattern is irrefutable,” Schneiderman said. “We’ve had more extreme weather incidents in the last five years or so then we’ve ever had before.”

He says Long Island got 13 inches of rain in a short period of time earlier this year as another example.  

Schneiderman says New York is doing its share to further green technology, and can do even more, but he says the national dialogue needs to change. He says it’s time for “climate change denial to become unacceptable in American public discourse.”