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Lockport GM facility goes green

A General Motors facility in western New York has announced they are going green. The site in Lockport makes heating and air conditioning components for GM radiators and is the 103rd facility for the company to become landfill-free.

The facility's land-fill free status means all waste from daily operations is reused, recycled, or converted to energy, instead of being discarded.

GM's Lockport site generates about six million pounds of waste aluminum annually and this will now be recycled along with other byproducts like oils, metals, cardboard and plastics.

Plant manager Pat Curtis says the site's workers are dedicated to the project and have contributed by suggesting locations for recycling bins and being vigilant about material separation.

"Everyone is engaged and on board because everyone wins. I mean, it's good for the environment, it's good for the community, and actually, it's good for our business; it makes us more competitive," Curtis said.

Curtis also says recycling at the plant has generated nearly $3.7 million in revenue so far this year.

General Motors is the only automaker in the U.S. with this number of land-fill free sites, and company officials say it recycles and reuses more manufacturing  waste than any of its domestic competitors.

WXXI/Finger Lakes Reporter for the Innovation Trail