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Future topics: patient privacy rights, the farmers market and traveling healthy

Justin Sewell

Join us this Sunday on Take Care for a discussion on patient privacy rights. What happens when you surrender privacy for lower insurance premiums at work? A national patient's rights advocate warns us of the risks involved.

Then, got back pain? As many as 80 percent of Americans do at some point in their lives. A leading back expert explains how to minimize back pain and offers tips on prevention. Plus- coming soon to a farmer's market near you: tender lettuce, sun-warmed strawberries, and red ripe tomatoes. Get expert tips for smart shopping from a local producer who heads up a year-round farmer's market.

And coming soon: Would you ever opt for major surgery to avoid getting cancer when there's no disease present? Actress Angelina Jolie explained her decision in the New York Times and it drew attention to the increased trend of preventive mastectomies. One of the country's top breast cancer oncologists explains why more women are making this choice.

Plus...?if your plans include travel anytime soon, we've got a checklist on how to stay healthy while you're away from home from a travel expert.