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Upcoming topics: allergies, apps to keep you healthy and the leading authority on aspirin

Leah Landry

Coming up on Take Care, we'll talk with an allergist to see if there's any relief in sight for seasonal sufferers. With symptoms like itchy eyes, a runny nose and a scratchy throat, the living isn't easy for those with allergies the summer.

Plus, a national travel writer gives advice on easy ways to stay healthy while you're away from home.

Credit jypsygen / Flickr

Have you heard those recommendations about taking a daily aspirin? The world's leading authority on aspirin, the doctor whose groundbreaking research uncovered aspirin's potential for cardiac and stroke prevention, will join us in the coming weeks. We'll hear what he thinks about other new uses for aspirin.

Plus, how long can you enjoy that delicious macaroni salad at an outdoor barbeque? Is an hour in the sun too long? The romance of dining al fresco with family and friends can fade if you don't take extra precautions to prevent food spoilage due to heat. We'll hear from a registered dietitian whose best friend is often a thermometer.