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Can it! Preserving summer's fresh fruits and vegetables


Berries, cucumbers and green beans oh my! If you love the freshness of summer produce, you might want to try canning fresh fruits and vegetables so you can enjoy them all year long. And now’s the time to start planning your canning project.

This week on “Take Care,” Amy Jeanroy, author of “Canning and Preserving for Dummies,” discusses the many ways beginning canners can get started.

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If you’re going to can, why not grow the vegetables and fruits yourselfto really ensure quality and freshness? Jeanroy says use the produce from the plants that you enjoy growing.

“Grow the things that are easiest for you and then find a multitude of ways to preserve them,” she said.

If you are unsure which plants to buy, Jeanroy says the plant seed packets should tell you which plants are best for preserving.

“The tag will say ‘good for canning,’ ‘great for canning’ or ‘not so much.’”

Jeanroy’s favorite plants to grow and preserve are those with high amounts of acid.

“Tomatoes handle really well under the high heat…I also choose cucumbers – either Kirby or Boston Pickling…green beans, zucchini, and berries.”

The easiest method for new canners is the water bath method. According to Jeanroy, all it takes is boiling water and a few mason jars.

“It’s very simply a huge pot of water brought to a boil, that you have dropped down very gently your glass jars with lids, and in those jars is the food you want to can,” she said.

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