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This week: epilepsy in older adults, a new heroin danger, and the effect of sugar in our diets

The symptoms of epilepsy may appear differently in senior citizens than in younger people, which makes the diagnosis tricky and can lead to incorrect treatment, says Dr. Rebecca O’Dwyer, a neurologist at Upstate Medical University.

She says the incidence of epilepsy in older adults is on the rise and about half of the cases are caused by strokes. Symptoms do not always include convulsions, though.

“The brain can manifest many different behaviors that are also seizures. It can be something very subtle, like the inability to talk or just staring off. It could also be confusion, especially in the elderly,” O’Dwyer says.

Also this week: The dangers of heroin-laced oxycontin, and registered dietitian nutritionist Maureen Franklin goes over the effect of sugar in our diets.