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This week: Legionnaire's disease, high blood pressure, and the effects of eating patterns

Dr. Robert Lenox was a medical intern in 1976 when he took care of a man with a fever, cough, muscle and body aches who had attended the American Legion convention in Philadelphia.

The man -- who rapidly deteriorated and died -- became what epidemiologists refer to as "the index case," the first person with a particular disease to come to the attention of health authorities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention eventually discovered a bacterial infection in the man's lungs. The disease became known as Legionnaire's disease. This particular outbreak sickened 182 and killed 29 of those who attended the convention.

Dr. Lenox will explain the signs and symptoms of the disease and how it's treated today.

Also on this week's show: an overview of high blood pressure, and the effect eating patterns have on weight loss.