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Trial could lead to an oral vaccine against HIV

Mike Blyth


University of Rochester Medical Center researchers in Rochester are looking for healthy adults for a trial that could lead to an oral vaccine against HIV infection.

The vaccine under investigation comes in pill form.

“Our goal is to eradicate it from the world, much like we've almost done with polio and have done with small pox,” said Doctor Michael Keefer, director of the University’s HIV Vaccine Trials Unit.

  It’s made of live adenovirus -- a protein that creates an immune response against HIV.

Keefer explains if a future vaccine comes from this study, it will prevent human suffering and save money.

“Vaccination is probably the most cost effective way to deliver health care,” Keefer said.

Volunteers for the trial should be between the ages of 18 and 40 years old and in good health. Participants are required to spend 12 days in isolation at the research center. For more information visit the URMC website or call 585-756-2329.