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Being mindful of your eating

Michelle Hurwitz

Sometimes physical hunger isn't the only reason we choose to eat. Mindless eating, a topic we explore this week on "Take Care," can bring comfort and mask other issues.

This week on WRVO's health and wellness show, hosts Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen speak with Lynn Rossy, a clinical psychologist at the University of Missouri's Wellness Program. Rossy helps people learn to check in with their bodies, recognize when they're full and avoid overeating.

Hear more about mindful eating -- the concept of being in tune with your body, eating habits and not going overboard -- with Lynn Rossy on "Take Care" this weekend. Tune in tomorrow morning at 6:30 and Sunday evening at 6:30 on WRVO.

Support for this story comes from The Health Foundation of Western and Central New York.