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This week: altruistic kidney donation, plus opioid addiction treatment

As Jody Adams scrolled through Facebook in January, one post stuck with her. It was written from the point of view of an infant seeking someone to donate a kidney to his ailing mother.

A nurse for 12 years and the mother of six children, Adams says the idea of donating one of her healthy kidneys had never crossed her mind -- until she read that post. She didn’t want to imagine a little boy growing up without a mother, especially if she could help. It didn’t matter to her that she did not know the family.

Rereading the post, she got the feeling that her kidney would be a match for the young mother. Adams, who commutes from a small rural town in Steuben County to work as a nurse at Upstate University Hospital, called the transplant program to begin the process of becoming a living donor.

The young mother, Victoria Fitzpatrick, was a stranger to Adams. “Yes, it’s a stranger,” Adams would explain to friends who questioned whether she should donate, “but this is somebody’s daughter, somebody’s mother.”

This week’s show shares the altruistic kidney transplant story of Jody Adams and Victoria Fitzpatrick.

Also on this week's show: holistic treatment to help people with opioid addiction.

Join us this Sunday, August 7 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for HealthLink on Air on WRVO.