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Why you should avoid being sedentary, standing desk or not

Loren Kerns
An after-market desk add-on; one way to create a standing work station.

Many Americans spend a good portion of the day sitting. Between a 40-hour work week and a commute, time spent sitting adds up, as do the associated health problems. Enter the standing desk. A popular option, the standing desk may be an effective way to combat risk factors associated with sitting.

But it's not just sitting that gets a bad rap. Standing for long periods of time can also take a toll on the body. Nurses, teachers and other professionals often complain of back pain and other stress associated with being on their feet day in and day out.

So where does that leave the standing desk? Is it just a fad? This week on WRVO's health and wellness show "Take Care," hosts Lorraine Rapp and Linda Lowen speak with reporter Anna Medaris Miller about the standing desk. Miller wrote about the topic for US News and World Report.

You can hear more this weekend on the health benefits of standing desks, ways to create a standing desk of your own, and the issues associated with being sedentary in general from reporter Anna Medaris Miller. Tune in to "Take Care" tomorrow morning at 6:30 or Sunday evening at 6:30 on WRVO.

Support for this story comes from the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York.