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E-cigarettes, hemorrhoids, new blood cancer treatments

A new report on the health effects of electronic cigarettes says that while e-cigarettes may be less harmful than conventional cigarettes, they're not harmless -- and vaping among youth increases the risk that they will transition to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Providing an update on e-cigarette trends are administrative director Michele Caliva and public education coordinator Lee Livermore from the Upstate New York Poison Center.

They caution that some vapers are filling their electronic nicotine delivery systems with illegal drugs or alcohol. Also, the flavored nicotine liquid that is used for vaping can be toxic or even deadly to young children.

Also this week's show: hemorrhoids, plus forthcoming new treatments for patients with blood cancers.

Tune in this Sunday, February 18 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for "HealthLink on Air."