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This week: Colon cancer, deadly infections from drug abuse, and vitamin A

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers diagnosed in men and women, and it can be preventable in people who receive proper screening. Upstate gastroenterologist Sekou Rawlins urges people to reduce their risk for developing colon or rectal cancer by following a healthy diet high in fiber and by discussing with their doctor which screening method is best for their situation.

People with a family history of certain cancers, and those with bowel diseases including ulcerative colitis are at increased risk and may require more vigilant screening. People at normal risk are usually recommended for screening starting at age 50. Rawlins talks about the various screening methods, along with the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer you should not ignore in this week’s “HealthLink on Air.”

Also on the show this week: infectious disease expert, Dr. Timothy Endy discusses deadly infections that may result from drug abuse, and pediatric gastroenterologist Aamer Imdad explains the important role of vitamin A.

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