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This week: Vasectomy, physician burnout, Ecuador

Urologist JC Trussell discusses what to expect if you are considering the male sterilization procedure called vasectomy on “HealthLink on Air” this week. He explains what is covered in the first medical appointment, how the procedure is done, and what recovery is like.

Trussell also tells about options for a man who had a vasectomy and later decides he wants to have children. One option is an invitro fertilization technique in which sperm are removed surgically. Another is a complex operation in which Trussell specializes called a vasectomy reversal.

Also on the show: Dr. Daniel Marchalik from Georgetown University School of Medicine addresses physician burnout, and Dr. Barbara Feuerstein and medical student Moje Omoruan tell about a medical mission trip to fight diabetes in Ecuador. Tune in this Sunday, September 15 at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. for "HealthLink on Air."