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Onondaga County sets record with 99 new coronavirus cases

Tom Magnarelli
WRVO News (file photo)

Onondaga County officials confirmed 99 new cases of the coronavirus Friday, smashing the record for the highest daily number of cases since the pandemic began in March. The previous record of 70 was set earlier this week. The county has seen more than 200 cases in the last three days. 

68 of the cases come from community spread, with bars and restuarants still a major source of cases. The county is sending investigators into the community this weekend to look for businesses not following coronavirus guidelines. 

County Executive Ryan McMahon said one bit of good news is that of the 99 cases, only 5 are from K-12 schools.

"The data shows school is not the problem in the community right now," McMahon said. "Not even close."

McMahon had some tough advice for the community: Wake up. 

"Everyone needs to wake up right now. The COVID fatigue, I get it. We've all had it, I've been guilty of it as well," he said. "We all need to modify our behavior now, we all need to be smart. If we're going to be near each other we do need to distance, so we can quickly tuen this around."

McMahon said because the weather is colder, there is a new 'new normal.' Earlier this year, the new normal may have been 10-20 cases a day, but with more people indoors, there will be more cases. 

"The virus will spread, that's part of us having to deal with it," he said. "30 cases, 40 cases, 50 cases, we'll be able to get by. But it is not possible for us to do 10,000 tests a day for 100 cases a day for us to keep our data where it is."

McMahon also said he's concerned about hospitalizations creeping back up. 

"Eventually, what will happen is there will be so many sick people that our hospital rates will go up," he said. "And that's something we can't have."

McMahon again asked people to stay home if they're sick and to get a COVID test before goign back to work.