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Wright's Landing marina in Oswego remains closed due to flooding from record high water levels in Lake Ontario, which is likely to increase in the coming weeks. Officials cited safety concerns as the reason for the closure.

Mike Storms of Oswego was checking on his boat at the marina Monday. He said the flooding has been quite a nuisance.

“Half the parking lot is underwater," Storms said. "You got makeshift bridges to the boat launches and every individual dock."

Even though the marina is closed, charter and fishing boats can go in and out on their own accord.

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Syracuse lawmakers have agreed that an independent commission should decide what city election districts look like next time they are drawn.

Supporters of the idea say Syracuse will be the first city east of the Mississippi to let a non-partisan group create political boundaries. Common Councilor Khalid Bey said politicians usually draw the lines, and this way they have no involvement, ensuring a truly equitable process.

"This is an opportunity to level the playing field to give a citizen a chance to have a meaningful vote," said Bey.

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With 11 working days left in the legislative session, the atmosphere is intensifying at the State Capitol. Democrats who lead the Legislature are facing pressure from all sides to deliver on legislation that they campaigned on. 

Gov. Andrew Cuomo began the week with a news conference about measures focusing on four women’s issues that he said must be done before the session ends.

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People who live along the south shore of Lake Ontario are still contending with flooding threats, particularly when the wind comes from a northerly direction, but experts say there may be some hopeful signs as we head into the summer.

As of Monday, the Lake Ontario level was at 249.02 feet, exceeding the record of 248.95 feet that was set in 2017.

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The Syracuse Tick and Deer Management Advisory Group is advising the city to kill a significant number of deer, to curb deer overpopulation and reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases. The problem is also affecting elected officials personally.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon was bitten by a tick a few weeks ago.

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Legislative leaders have announced an agreement in principle on nine bills that they say will extend and strengthen New York City’s rent laws. It’s part of an effort to get a number of bills passed before adjournment later in June.

In a joint statement, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins said they will "advance a historic package of tenant protections that encompasses the principles of the nine bills" that have been circulating at the Capitol in recent weeks.

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The Trump Administration's decision to end the tariffs it had imposed on aluminum shipments from Canada is welcome news in Oswego, where the tax took a toll on two of the city's largest businesses.

Aluminum is what's referred to as a staple product at the Port of Oswego because it provides for a majority of the daily jobs there. So when President Donald Trump placed a 10 percent tariff on aluminum from Canada - the largest supplier of the metal to the U.S. - in 2017, Oswego Port Authority Director William Scriber says it took a big hit on the budget. 

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This week on the Campbell Conversations, we continue our series of discussions on the arts with Harvey Teres, a professor of English at Syracuse University, and the author of a new book titled "Conversations About Beauty with Ordinary Americans: Somebody Loves Us All."

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If you have any questions  or comments about the remake of Interstate 81 through Syracuse, the state Department of Transportation wants to see you at an open house later this month.

This will be the first of a series of meetings held by the state meant to engage central New Yorkers on the particulars of what will be the biggest public works project ever in the Syracuse area.

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A ruling from a New York appellate court has effectively cleared the way for farm workers to organize and bargain collectively.

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The state Senate held a hearing on how New York can join 15 other states and implement automatic voter registration.

Advocates said it could result in 2 million more registered voters in a state that has one of the worst records for voter registration and participation.

Under the proposal, instead of opting in to vote, residents would opt out.

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Rep. Tom Reed (R-Corning) hosted U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue in Geneva, Wednesday, for a roundtable discussion with local farmers. Trade deals, China and labor were highlights of the conversation.

Dick Kimball, a dairy farmer in Chautauqua County, said tariffs imposed by other countries on U.S. dairy products, over ongoing trade disputes, have hurt his prices.

“We might even have lost some market share, because other countries have gone in and fill the void,” Kimball said.

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A leading business group has come out in favor of granting driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants, increasing the chances of the bill’s passage in the state Legislature this year.

Heather Briccetti, president of The Business Council, said reinstituting the policy of issuing New York state driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants will make the roads safer and help businesses that are seeking workers during a labor shortage.

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It was three years ago that Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to Oswego with a check for $10 million. The Port City was the first in central New York to win the Downtown Revitalization Initative (DRI) competition. Now, construction has finally begun on the project.

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The leader of the state Senate, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, says the pressures of forging agreements on major pieces of legislation might be getting to Governor Andrew Cuomo. She was asked about disparaging comments that Cuomo made about the Senate in recent days. 

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is making a statement this morning about his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. You can watch his remarks at the Department of Justice starting at 11 a.m., live:

Note: If it is after 11 a.m. and the video is not displaying, please refresh the page.

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New Commissioners with the International Joint Commission visited the Rochester and Buffalo areas Tuesday to see some of the flooding caused by high water along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Laura Jacket lives in North Greece, right on the water, and all year she’s been watching the lake climb slowly higher.

"If you go up right now up to Edgemere Drive and Long Pond and Lowden, you’ll cry if you care about it at all. Because the road is shut down and the water is coming through people’s houses and it’s up to my house now on North Drive."

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The New York State Legislature held a daylong hearing Tuesday on a proposal to enact single-payer health care in New York.

A packed room listened as supporters and opponents debated whether it’s the answer to the state’s health care gaps. 

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While there has been tremendous progress made in reducing the amount of HIV infections in New York State over the past two decades, more recently, the rates of some sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia, have been increasing across the state and in Onondaga County. ACR Health in Syracuse is conducting new three-point testing to identify these infections sooner. 

The three-point testing involves urine screenings, rectal and throat swabs. The concern is that infections are being missed with just the traditional urine testing alone.

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The state’s Democratic Party leaders acted recently to greatly shorten the lead time when voters can register to cast a ballot in the 2020 presidential primaries.

Under current laws, voters in New York must register in a political party more than six months before the primary vote is held. Party registration can only be changed 25 days or more before a general election, held in November. The presidential primaries are not held until the following April.

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A national report finds that New York state’s ethics panel is among the worst in the nation. Reform groups say that’s not news to them and have called for an overhaul of the commission.

The Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit news organization, surveyed state ethics panels around the country and found that New York’s ranked near the bottom for independence and transparency. The group gives the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, or JCOPE, an “F” rating for its lack of oversight.

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The New York State Legislature is holding a hearing in Albany today on the proposed New York Health Act, a bill that would create a single-payer health insurance system run by the state government. Syracuse-area State Sen. Bob Antonacci recently convened his own hearing in his district to gather local input on the bill.

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For veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, a canine program at Clear Path for Veterans in Chittenango, offers an alternative form of therapy for veterans and their dogs. The dog training is meant to relieve some of the symptoms of PTSD.   

On Thursday, two veterans and their dogs were going through bond enhancement, phase one of a year-long program. One dog owner was teaching his Malamute to sit and stay on a platform box, while he was on the other side of the room.

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Rehearsals are continuing for Syracuse Stage’s upcoming production of the musical, “The Last Five Years.” Its director is Jason Alexander, who is famous for playing the role of George Costanza on the hit TV show, “Seinfeld.” Alexander said this production of “The Last Five Years,” is an interpretation that hasn’t been done before.

Growing up in New Jersey, and going to see extraordinary shows all the time in New York, Alexander said his fantasies about a career were only in the theatre.

5/26/19 10pm Tuned to Yesterday

May 26, 2019

#1707. True History, It’s Maritime 8/14/45 CBS, American Adventure “The Demagogue” 1/26/56 NBC.

Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier.

Most CBD benefits hold promise, but not proof

May 26, 2019
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CBD, or cannabidiol, is suddenly everywhere. In oils, creams, bath products -- even food and pet treats. But what is it? And will it end up being a big medical breakthrough or just the latest fad?

CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana and hemp. It’s different from THC, the compound that gives pot users a “high.”

Epidiolex, the first drug containing CBD, was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat specific rare and severe forms of epilepsy.

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, neurologist and director of NYU Langone's Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, spearheaded the studies of CBD that led to Epidiolex. He joined us on "Take Care" to talk about the benefits of cannabidiol.

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The push to legalize recreational marijuana in New York state lost some steam when it wasn’t included in the state budget earlier this year. But, the issue is not dead yet.

The latest state proposal to legalize pot solves some of the concerns that doomed the plan on the table during budget talks, according to long-time advocate state Sen. Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan).

"We’ve attempted to take all of the negotiated agreements that took place during budget negotiations and expand our bill,” Krueger said.

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As the debate on recreational and medicinal legalization of marijuana continues throughout the United States, an expert argues the discussion is much more complicated than the simple conclusions the opposing sides promote.

Jonathan Caulkins, a drug policy researcher and professor of operations research and public policy at Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, joins us on "Take Care" to talk more about the aspects of legalization. He's one of the authors of the book “Marijuana Legalization: What everyone needs to know.” Caulkins said some of the common arguments used both for and against marijuana legalization are oversimplified.

As New York’s medical marijuana program continues to expand, the program faces new challenges and more work to be done, especially with recreational legalization on the horizon, according to our next guest on "Take Care."

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The Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary, and there are some interesting exhibits on tap for this summer. This week, Grant Reeher speaks with the museum's two principal curators, DJ Hellerman and Garth Johnson.