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Gov. Cuomo introduces bill to legalize casino gambling in New York

Governor Cuomo has released a bill to amend the state’s constitution to legalize casino gambling in New York.

The proposal to amend a long standing tenet of New York’s constitution is stated very simply. It asks for the change  by adding eight words to the portion of the constitution that deals with gambling, changing the language to permit  “casino gambling regulated by the state” . It would give officials broad leeway on how to configure new gambling parlors in New York.

The governor, who says it will create jobs and needed revenue, says he also wants to get a grip on what he calls the present “hodge podge” of gaming that’s allowed under present law at racetracks and racinos.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to them,” said Cuomo who said the amendment to permit casino gambling could bring a “comphrensive gaming program to the state”.

The amendment is likely to pass in the legislature. It would still require approval by a second consecutively elected legislature,  and could be on the ballot by November 2013.