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Politics and Government

Drone Protesters on The Campbell Conversations

Ann Wright and Kathy Kelly were both in Syracuse this week to be sentenced for their part in the protests against the MQ-9 Reaper drones in Afghanistan, which are being flown remotely from Hancock Field. 

Ann Wright is a former Army Colonel and State Department official who resigned from the government over the invasion of Iraq; as a peace activist, Kathy Kelly has lived and worked in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

In this conversation, they address a host of important questions related to civil disobedience:  

  • What's it like for someone on the inside of government to publicly object to government policies? 
  • What's the importance of personally bearing witness, by being on the ground and living with civilians under attack?  
  • How important is it to receive punishment for the act of protesting? 
  • What sustains activists and protestors over the years?