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Ann Marie Buerkle works to advance the agenda of women in the House

Gage Skidmore

Syracuse area Republican Ann Marie Buerkle is taking a leading role in a new caucus in the House of Representatives that focuses on women.

Buerkle will be a vice chair of the Women's Policy Committee, made up of female Republican representatives in the House.

"Our mission is to advance the agenda of women and to make sure that regardless of how we feel on various issues, we advance the women's presence in Congress, their significance in Congress, and to make sure we are at the forefront of women's issues, as well as all issues," Buerkle said.

The caucus expects to focus on  everything from pocketbook issues to health care to homeland security.

There are 24 republican women from 17 states in the Caucus.

The group has the support of  Speaker Boehner who says it will offer a fresh perspective to the Republican Conference.