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Cuomo skeptical about House vote on Sandy aid

After facing intense pressure from both parties for failing to pass a $60 billion federal relief package for Hurricane Sandy victims, Republicans in the House of Representatives now say they will vote on part of the flood insurance program Friday. But Gov. Andrew Cuomo still has doubts they will follow through.

At a cabinet meeting in Albany, Cuomo didn't mince words when asked how he feels about the vote in Washington being re-scheduled.

"I'm at the point where it's simple for me. Show me the money. Because I've heard a lot of things. Until I see the cash, I'm going to reserve judgment. Because many of the things that have been said, never happened," the governor said.

The relief package has already passed the Senate, and Cuomo said he was repeatedly told the House would vote on it on New Year's Day. But after the House voted on the so-called fiscal cliff legislation, House leaders did not bring the Sandy aid package to the floor for a vote.

House Speaker John Boehner says the House will vote on a $9 billion dollar flood insurance program Friday and the remaining balance on January 15.

Cuomo called the delay in federal action an "outstanding failure" and said it's causing real harm to storm victims.