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Miner receives endorsement from environmentalist group

Ellen Abbott/WRVO

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner has some local environmentalists on her side in her race for reelection.

The local and regional arm of the Sierra Club is supporting Miner in her bid for mayor, citing what they say is her ambitious environmental vision for Syracuse. Shortly after becoming mayor, Miner created the Bureau of Sustainability and Environment, dedicated to environmental issues in the city. Miner says these are important issues, even in a time of fiscal instability. She also says city residents appreciate the focus on this issue.

"Particularly when you say things to them, how expensive is it to heat your home in the winter," Miner said. "We've got a better way to do that through energy efficiency, and if you work with us we can save you actual money on your home heating bills. That's something that's not frivolous to the people of the neighborhoods in the city. And also that we're saving money as a city so that we don't have to turn around and charge taxpayers more than what we're doing."

Miner also says environmental issues at the city level are important on a couple of levels.

"Sustainability and livability is what makes the city of Syracuse fantastic. We are committed to making those decisions that get a lot of attention like the creek walk, and those issues that don't get a lot of attention, like rational planning, to make sure we have a livable city and to make sure we take care of our natural resources and we are good stewards of the planet."

Miner also says the Sustainability movement is tied to economic development, with more new buildings and renovated ones touting green certifications. The endorsement follows a series of questions about candidates environmental credentials. Miner is in the midst of a three-way Democratic mayoral primary, and at this point faces token opposition from the Republican Party in the general election.