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NY lawmakers postpone mandate for electronic prescriptions



New York lawmakers have delayed a deadline that would require prescription medications to be electronic. Many doctors in the state needed more time to put the necessary technology in place. 

Many prescribers in New York already submit scripts electronically, but federal requirements mandate a higher level of security for electronically prescribed controlled substances to prevent fraud.

Lisa Nelson, a pharmacist at the University of Rochester Medical Center, says especially for private practitioners meeting the federal Drug Enforcement Administration electronic standards is a challenge.

“It’s not just flipping a switch. It’s actually setting up separate servers, there’s something called two factor authentications,” said Nelson who reports that the University of Rochester Medical Center is ready to begin moving electronically now.

She explained the mandate is one that doctors deem necessary, although logistically challenging.

“I think most people most providers agree that electronic prescribing definitely has its advantages it definitely decreases the handwriting errors that we were seeing and it also does help with the fraudulent prescription issues.”

The law has been postponed to March 27, 2016.