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Cox: tremendous friction between Cuomo and legislature

Karen DeWitt
WRVO News File Photo
New York State Republican Party Chair Ed Cox

While many state lawmakers were not in attendance at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s regional State of the State speeches, one person who is tagged along to all the six speeches, is state Republican Party Chair Ed Cox.

Cox says he’s always gone to the State of the State speeches in the past. And even though he’s not allowed in the regional events that are taking the place of a State of the State in Albany this year,  Cox is offering his opinion to reporters after speeches are over, this particular time in Syracuse.

"I’m out here now presenting the fact that he’s going around on this I-love-Andrew road show because he’s afraid to face the legislature Albany," Cox said. 

Cox says right now there is tremendous friction between Cuomo and Republican, and some Democratic lawmakers, in the state Senate and Assembly.

"Even the Democrats -- they’re rumored they were going to make demonstrations, maybe walk out on him if he had it," Cox said. "He doesn’t want to risk that, it would be a terrible black eye for him politically. That’s the situation that he’s created in Albany. He has no friends in the legislature.”

Cox contends Cuomo should be spending time in Albany, working with lawmakers on a potential budget deficit as well as other issues. Then Cox took a shot at the announcements of multi-million dollar projects the governor has been making during his regional tour.

“He’s touring the state here, dealing a little pork out of a personal pork barrel that he’s made for himself. Keeping everyone happy. Making big promises, big new projects, all pie in the sky," he said. 

The Cuomo administration says Cox has no credibility and called his protest “out of touch and appalling” in light of the governor’s proposals that will help the middle class, including help paying for college and childcare.

Ellen produces news reports and features related to events that occur in the greater Syracuse area and throughout Onondaga County. Her reports are heard regularly in regional updates in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.