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Changes coming to Marshall Street area near SU campus

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The Campus Plaza Development.

Changes will soon be coming to the Marshall Street area near the Syracuse University campus. The city of Syracuse approved the demolition and new construction of some iconic university hotspots.

Chuck’s and Funk ‘n Waffles are popular bars and restaurants on University Hill whose current building will be coming down.

Syracuse’s Planning Commission approved of the demolition of those existing structures to make way for a new 8-story mixed-use building with retail on the ground and apartments on the upper floors. The Campus Plaza Development will also include streetscape improvements and a new pedestrian corridor.

Syracuse Common Councilor Nader Maroun said he is in favor of the development as long as these taller buildings do not take away the character of Marshall Street.

“I’m excited about the changes that are coming, provided that we do it properly and that we coordinate between the university and the developers and the city," Maroun said. "The more we can get private developers there that will take on some of the infrastructure costs and enhance the sidewalk accessibility and the bike lanes and curbing, I’m for that. How are they enhancing the neighborhood and not taking away from the aesthetic view as well as the surrounding blocks? All the developers are going to be held to that litmus test.”

Maroun said traffic could be an issue.

"People traffic, people safety, bike traffic, as well as vehicle traffic, all that needs to be planned accordingly. I’ve encouraged both the university and the private developers along with the city to develop a plan that addresses those concerns.”

The Campus Plaza Development does not include any on-site parking. The developers said the students renting these apartments are using their cars less and less.

There are proposals for more demolition and new construction including to Varsity Pizza and Fagan’s bar and restaurant on the other side of the street. The university is also building a National Veterans Resource Complex in the area.