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Green candidate for Syracuse council: 'We are in a position like none other'

Tom Magnarelli
Green Party candidate Frank Cetera at Syracuse City Hall.

Four Democratic challengers are vying for two open city-wide seats on the Syracuse Common Council. Now they will be joined by Green Party candidate Frank Cetera, who is making another run after an unsuccessful attempt in 2015. Cetera is supporting a number of progressive issues. He said the Greens are continuing to build on their movement.

“The political climate right now from the presidential elections and the Senate and everything else, we are in a position like none other that has been," Cetera said. "This is the opportunity to get people to come on board and support us as third party, independent candidates."

Cetera is calling for a progressive income tax and cooperative business development.

“If we take a small portion of money from our budget, to create a worker-owned business center and develop opportunities instead of continually giving that money away to larger corporate developers, we can create more of those opportunities for our small entrepreneurs here in Syracuse to work together,” Cetera said.

He is proposing more programs to clean up the city’s sidewalks and develop workforce training and employment for city residents. Fellow Green Party member Howie Hawkins is running for mayor of Syracuse.