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Most local officials call on Cuomo to either resign or be impeached

Governor Andrew Cuomo's office

President Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi both called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo Tuesday, after a report from New York Attorney General Letitia James found that Cuomo sexually harassed 11 women, and that the Cuomo administration was "a hostile work environment" that was "rife with fear and intimidation."

Local officials from around central and northern New York called for Cuomo to either step down or be impeached.

Syracuse-area Assemblymembers Pam Hunter and Al Stirpe say Cuomo is no longer fit to serve in office and should resign. The Assembly is conducting its own impeachment inquiry and Hunter called for the committee to present impeachment articles. Stirpe said Cuomo should face the reality that impeachment is very likely to happen and most, if not all members will vote for it. Stirpe said it will be very difficult, at this point, for Cuomo to govern.

“I don’t know if the governor has any real friends,” Stirpe said. “Real friends would have gone to him and said you shouldn’t put your mother and your three daughters through this. It’s just not worth it. He doesn’t seem to have listened to anybody if they did tell him to do that.”

In regards to the report and the harassment allegations, Stirpe said the kissing on the cheek is not a big deal, but other things, like the inappropriate touching and the power imbalance, concerns him.

“Some of the things he would do, which sort of say, ‘I’m doing this. I know you know I’m doing this. And I know you know you can’t do anything about it.’ That’s kind of the damning part about it,” Stirpe said.

He expects the Assembly impeachment inquiry to wrap up in two weeks. Besides the harassment allegations, the inquiry is also looking into whether state employees worked on the governor’s book, and if the true number of nursing home deaths were covered up during the pandemic.

Statements from local officials

The report detailed by NYS Attorney General Letita James confirms that Governor Cuomo abused his office by engaging in a pattern of sexual harassment and retaliation. The Governor created a hostile and intolerable work environment and broke federal law, as well as the state law he enacted. Officials at all levels of government have a duty to prevent this type of horrific conduct. Instead, Governor Cuomo enabled it. For his inexcusable and egregious conduct, Governor Cuomo must resign.
Rep. John Katko (R-Camillus)
No one is above the law and today justice must be served. Governor Cuomo must resign and be arrested immediately. President Joe Biden must immediately call for Cuomo’s resignation.
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville)
Attorney General Letitia James’ report is damning and deeply disturbing. Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed young women and then created a culture of fear and intimidation to cover it up. He abused his position, broke the law, and betrayed the trust of New Yorkers. He must resign and be prosecuted immediately. We cannot have a two-tiered justice system in America, which is why his reign of criminal corruption must come to end.
Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-New Hatford)
The Attorney General’s report is thorough and damning. I called for Governor Cuomo to resign months ago. I continue to believe that the best thing he could do for New Yorkers is step away from his office immediately. If he refuses to do so, the Assembly must finish its work as quickly as possible so that the legislature can take the necessary steps.
State Sen. Rachel May (D-Syracuse)
The Attorney General's independent investigation has outlined in disturbing detail that Governor Andrew Cuomo engaged in a pattern of unlawful sexual harassment and his office has a culture of hostility and fear. I believe the women who bravely came forward to tell their stories under incredibly difficult circumstances. I am reiterating my position that Governor Cuomo must resign immediately for the good of the state of New York.
State Sen. John Mannion (D-Syracuse)
As Attorney General Letitia James’ office’s investigation has confirmed, Andrew Cuomo’s behavior is abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable. I called for Gov. Cuomo to resign in March, and it is clear now, based on the information presented to the attorney general’s office and corroborated by independent counsel, Andrew Cuomo is unfit to serve in his current capacity. It is in the best interest of the people of New York state for Gov. Cuomo to immediately resign and if he refuses to do so, the Legislature should take the necessary and immediate steps to have him impeached and forcibly removed from office.
Assem. Will Barclay (R-Pulaski), Assembly Minority Leader
The Attorney General’s report released today will be included in the New York State Assembly’s ongoing investigation. The findings of the Attorney General’s report are disturbing and troubling. New York’s government should be an example of a safe and healthy work place. I know that the report has gone to our Assembly Judiciary Committee and all of my Assembly colleagues. I believe it is appropriate that we now read the report and talk to counsel as to proceeding further, with due process, in the Assembly.
Assem. Bill Magnarelli (D-Syracuse)
The findings of the Attorney General’s independent investigation are truly appalling. This abhorrent behavior is absolutely unacceptable for the top elected office holder in New York State. The independent, in-depth report confirms distributing allegations made by nearly a dozen women and makes it abundantly clear that the Governor must resign.
State Sen. Patty Ritchie (R-Oswegatchie)
The bravery of the eleven women who came forward to participate in this investigation is inspiring. Their statements, including from a member of our own local community, are deeply disturbing. Given their allegations and the findings of the Attorney General after a thorough investigation, the Governor’s ability to lead New York is fundamentally impaired. In the interest of the people of the state, he should resign as Governor.
Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh