3 new positive coronavirus cases brings total in Onondaga County, so far, to 6

Mar 18, 2020

Onondaga County has three more positive cases of coronavirus bringing the total, so far, to six. Of the three new cases one person traveled from New York City, another person traveled from Spain, and the third person is in their 20s. 

More than 400 tests have been done in Syracuse from people living in a wide range across central and northern New York. Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon said although the news is bad, and more positive cases may appear as results trickle in, there are some good aspects.

“We know things that we didn’t know, now," McMahon said. "We can investigate and quarantine and play offense. We have to starve this virus. We are at war with this virus. You will continue to see policies made at the local level, state and federal level, to meet those goals.”

McMahon said locally, they are low on test kits but have received test kits from hospitals in Oswego and Auburn, as well as from New York State.

McMahon also said that county government is getting inundated with phone calls, some of them not very nice. He’s asking the community to at least stop harassing the Health Department.

"And some of these phone calls are nasty. I’m not complaining about the phone calls to my office that are nasty. We still love you all very much.  But our health  department, they have an important job to do. They are undertaking investigations, they’re dealing with the front line of keeping our community healthy," he said.