'Amended' & 'Amended in Action' Episode 3

Mar 25, 2021

Credit Simonair Yoho / Kafi Kafi Co.

Amended, Episode 3: Of Rights and Wrongs

After the Civil War, many abolitionists and women’s rights activists saw an opportunity to team up and advance equality for all. 

African American author and orator Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was hopeful, too. But she also knew that politics and prejudice could shatter this tentative alliance, with devastating consequences. She wasn’t about to let that happen without a fight.

To help tell Frances’s story, host Laura Free meets up with Sharia Benn, a writer, researcher and theater artist who has spent a decade portraying Frances for public audiences. Laura also spends time with historian Bettye Collier-Thomas in Bettye’s extensive personal archive. Bettye’s research has helped recover Harper’s forgotten contributions to the abolitionist, suffrage, and temperance causes. In this exceptionally emotional episode, Sharia and Bettye paint a vivid portrait of a woman whose vision of liberation resonates deeply today -- and whose spirit is still with those who continue the pursuit of justice and equality.


Amended in Action, Episode 3: Planning Today for History Tomorrow

Nearly every county in New York has a museum tasked with curating and archiving local history.

Tompkins Center for History and Culture
Credit Michael Riecke

That’s true in Tompkins County where archivists are actively collecting people’s stories today to better share the region’s history tomorrow. In this episode of "Amended in Action," host Michael Riecke takes a trip to the History Center in Tompkins County to explore what museum curators and archivists are doing to ensure no one’s story is left out.