Encouraging walking in central NY -- one mile at a time

Jun 17, 2015

  A program that started a couple of years ago in Syracuse, continues to try to get more central New Yorkers out for a walk.  

Jennifer Pagan and Barb Procopio of Syracuse love to walk.

"I walk indoors in the winter, but outdoors just to be in the fresh air and the beautiful parks.  And After that miserable winter that we had, it’s nice to be outside," agreed Pagan and Procopio. "Walking is so good for everything."

That’s why they are taking part in a summer walking initiative sponsored by the Syracuse Parks Department and Syracuse University’s Healthy Monday program.  

Credit Ellen Abbott / WRVO News

Leah Moser, program coordinator at the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at SU says the one-mile trails that are part of the Monday Mile initiative, are perfect for encouraging fitness.

“I think it’s a great way for people to track their activity. And that’s something that research has found is beneficial for helping people who are maybe getting started with walking or with exercises,  to have a way to track it,” said Moser.

There are currently 17 of these one-mile walking trails in and around the city of Syracuse, including one that opened this week at the Sunnycrest Golf Course. Moser says the next step is to create more of these Monday Mile trails in suburban areas.

“We’re hoping to expand. And it’s always an ongoing conversation with city and county parks in identifying where those spaces are. We’ve really tried to branch out across the city and the county, but there’s certainly room to grow,” said Moser.

This program started in 2012.