Gas prices down: Travel increases this holiday weekend

May 25, 2012

If you are planning on hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend, expect some company. AAA expects an increase in holiday travel on the weekend that starts the summer travel season.

A AAA survey shows the number of drivers taking a trip this Memorial Day weekend will be up just over one percent over last year.

AAA spokesman Steve Pacer says gas prices are an issue for about half the motoring public. He notes that, despite recent concerns about high gas prices, it actually costs less to fill your tank this year than last.

“Right now in Syracuse we're paying $3.82 a gallon; last year it was $3.95. Last year our peak didn't hit until the middle of May and this year it was the middle of April, so we are seeing slightly lower prices than in 2011,” Pacer said.

The AAA survey also shows that people aren't traveling as far this year. The average trip is 642  miles and that’s 150 miles less than last year.