Giving, explored: An hour of health and wellness from 'Take Care'

Jan 31, 2018

"Take Care" returns this weekend with our first show of 2018. We'll be exploring the theme of giving from a health and wellness perspective this hour with a handful of very engaging guests.

The Red Cross has been encouraging U.S. citizens to give blood for decades, especially during times of hardship. Gerry Ball heard that call, back when he was still in his teens, and decided to start giving blood. Our discussion with Gerry starts at the beginning, explaining what motivated him to start giving and why he says, even after donating over 200 times, he'll continue to make the commitment.

CEO Susannah Schaefer, of Smile Train (right) and producer Leah Landry.
Credit Matt Cummins / Oswego Alumni Association

We'll also hear from the CEO of Smile Train, Susannah Schaefer. Smile Train is on the front lines of charitable giving in medicine, providing free reconstructive surgeries to children in the developing world born with cleft lip or cleft palate. Dr. Christopher Viozzi of The Mayo Clinic also tells us more about cleft lip and palate -- why it develops, what kind of complications it creates and how it's being treated.

Then, we take a look at charitable donations from a different angle. Do they all make a difference? How much of a difference? Dr. Mara Einstein, a researcher, professor and author, joins us to explain why sometimes your charitable donation isn't actually that charitable. Einstein dissects cause-related marketing and corporate-social responsibility. It turns out that not all pink ribbons are created equal.

Ellen Abbott is in the field this week exploring resources for new mothers and struggling families -- from diapers to breast milk. And finally, a few interesting tech-health inventions that came out of the last year, including Forward and eSight Eyewear.

Tune in this Sunday, February 4 at 7 p.m. for "Take Care" on WRVO.