Hogan wants to put more focus on city neighborhoods

Aug 20, 2013

Syracuse Common Councilor Pat Hogan unveiled the final platform of his campaign challenge to unseat Mayor Stephanie Miner on Monday with his neighborhood agenda.

The Democratic challenger says he wants to put a new focus on the city’s diverse neighborhoods by promoting local businesses and supporting neighborhood associations.

Hogan is challenging current mayor Miner as well as Alfonso Davis in a party primary.

He wants to create a new bureau in city hall devoted to neighborhood stability and integrity. He’d resurrect a department called SyraStat to make sure other city branches are doing their work effectively, he says.

Hogan says he’s going to have a different style than Miner by being more proactive and accessible.

"City hall is not going to be just on Montgomery Street, second floor, a guard in front," he said. "I’m going to know what’s going on in those neighborhoods. I’m going to be out in those neighborhoods."

Hogan says neighborhood improvement should be more proactive and less complaint driven. Miner recently conducted a city-wide crackdown on corner stores and ordered several shut due to code violations.

Hogan plans on visiting each of the city’s 19 election wards before the September 10 primary.

"I think sometimes a mayor has to be seen, he has to lead by example. You have to be out there in the neighborhoods, you have to be out there in the streets," he said. "They have to know what you look like."

Also Monday, Miner's campaign released its first television ad: