New sound coming to 'Morning Edition' in May

May 2, 2019

"Morning Edition" host David Greene enjoying the new theme music.
Credit Morning Edition / NPR

The historic theme you hear on "Morning Edition" each and every day debuted in 1979. The original BJ Leiderman composition and subsequent arrangements by musician Jim Pugh have been heard for decades. Beginning on May 6, listeners will hear a new theme -- one that will be fresh and modern, while also referencing the show’s historic music and honoring its legacy.

We know that "Morning Edition" is important, evidenced by the millions of listeners who make it a part of their daily routines. NPR and WRVO want every aspect of the show to be as engaging as possible, and we believe an updated sound will better reflect what "Morning Edition" is today. You'll still hear the same great content, engaging interviews, eye-opening live coverage, regional news and more.

We’re excited to introduce the new sound to broadcasts this spring. Be sure to tune in Monday, May 6 to hear the new theme music. You can email us with any comments or thoughts on it and the rest of our programming any time.